Hi, I’m Josh Maierle & thanks for visiting my site!  I live in Bozeman, MT the town I was born & raised in.  I left for awhile but made my way back, the mountains kept calling me home & I couldn’t ignore it.  At the end of the day I’m just an average guy that loves playing in the mountains, reading books, and creating art.  I started creating art in 2015 & I’m self taught.  I always wanted to create art but thought that I wasn’t naturally artistic so I pursued other paths.  With some encouragement from the right people & a persistent desire to create something uniquely from my heart & soul, I started sketching in a sketch book & now this hobby has become my passion.  The more I create the more I appreciate the world around me and the more connected I feel to all of its wonders.  The images you see on my site are my life’s work and I put everything I have into every piece I do.  I guess this is a way for me to share my inner landscape without having to express it in words and I hope you enjoy looking at my work as much as I like creating it!

Featured In

Bozeman Magazine Oct. 2019 | Bozeman Art Walk Aug. 2019